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The Original Chubes from Chewigem took inspiration from all those people who chew on the neck of their T-shirts or hoodie strings, but in fact, they do so much more than that!

You are not the only one who finds themselves reaching for the strings of your hoodie and have a good chomp and that is exactly why the Chubes were made. It makes them extremely

functional and discreet. And you no longer get destroyed and soggy strings.


91% of people say Chewigem helps them concentrate

Imagine heading out to meet a buddy for a run or walk, wearing a bangle or necklace would not really work with your joggers and hoody, but you know you need something to hand. By using the chubes they can look like part of your hoody and be on hand when needed for a quick suck, chew, or stroke.


Use Chubes as a necklace pendant or to upgrade your favourite things.


Chubes Multifunctional Sensory Chews

    • Smooth texture with a good bounce back
    • Great for hoodie strings, very discreet
    • Can also be pushed onto the ends of stationary
    • Can be worn on the cord as a necklace with spares
    • Being hollow we have had success with dummy weaning as it gives similar feedback to a dummy teat
    • Can be slipped over headphone wires
    • Range of colours to either blend in or stand out. 
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