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The raindrop is one of our early designs which is now over ten years old, this one remains popular with a range of chewers, fidgeters, and stimmers, probably because it just blends in and does its job, simple and effective. 

With its smooth glossy finish and classic shape, it’s no wonder people don’t spot that it is anything more than a nice-looking pendant.Whether you are a tactile seeker or love to chew, this combines both allowing you unbeknownst to your friends, family, and colleagues you are secretly and subtly self-regulating and taking control of your sensory sensations.

Raindrop Pendant Sensory Chew - Blue/Green

    • Satisfyingly smooth and glossy finish
    • Ideal for tactile seekers who enjoy sleek surfaces
    • Beautifully shiny 
    • Irresistibly rubbable
    • Different thicknesses throughout to add interest
    • Ideal for school, office or going out 
    • 93% of people say Chewigem helps them feel calmer
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